The Ultimate Guide: Primary Bedroom on Main Floor in Forsyth County Homes

The location of the bedrooms is one of the main factors that Forsyth County buyers look into when deciding which home to purchase. Many would-be home buyers today increasingly prefer to invest in houses that feature main floor primary bedrooms.

In fact, having the primary bedroom on the main floor of the house can actually offer a variety of benefits. In this guide, you will learn about the main perks of a main floor primary bedroom and understand how to plan and budget for a house with this important feature.

Understanding the Appeal

Real estate trends indicate that home buyers increasingly gravitate toward homes that have main floor primary bedrooms in them. In particular, this amenity appeals to people, such as those with physical disabilities or conditions like arthritis, who may struggle to climb up and down stairs each day. They can get to and from their primary bedroom easier when it is located on the main floor of the house.

This amenity is also convenient for aging homeowners. They avoid the worry of how they will get to and from the bedroom as they grow older and encounter mobility challenges.

Benefits of a Main Floor Primary Bedroom

Not only is a main floor primary bedroom convenient. It is also readily accessible. It additionally offers privacy away from the other bedrooms upstairs in the house. Even more, this feature can increase the visual appeal and resale value of the house.

Design Considerations

A primary bedroom on the main floor can also blend in well with the home’s overall layout and design. Because it is larger than other bedrooms in the house, it offers ample space for you to furnish to your specific comfort and lifestyle needs. You can place the bed out of sight of the living room, for example, and ensure the primary bedroom does not distract from the decorative features of your living room, kitchen or other area off of which it is situated.

Finding the Perfect Home

You can find a home with a main floor primary bedroom by setting this filter for your online search options. Real estate websites often let you search for homes according to what features are most important to you.

You can also use the services of an experienced local real estate agent to locate houses that have main floor \primary bedrooms in them. You avoid looking at floor plans that lack this detail.

Cost Considerations

Of course, as you consider homes with this type of feature in them, you may need to budget accordingly for buying one. Homes with primary bedrooms on the main floor may cost more than homes that have all of the bedrooms on an upper level.

Still, main floor primary bedrooms can also be more energy efficient and easier to keep cool or warm. This benefit can offset any costs that come with buying a house with this feature.

Neighborhoods and Communities

Home buyers in Georgia can find homes with primary bedrooms on the main floors of houses for sale in a number of appealing communities. Some of the neighborhoods that feature such homes include those in cities like Cumming, Atlanta, Chamblee, Norcross, Union City and Mableton, to name a few. Even more, houses with this feature are often located in neighborhoods that offer premium scenery, as well as family-friendly atmospheres and proximity to amenities like shopping districts and schools.

Case Studies

Homeowners whose homes have primary bedrooms on the main floor typically express satisfaction with this design feature. For example, one homeowner noted that she can still hear her children even when they are upstairs. The fact that she can hear her children when they are in their bedroom upstairs while she is downstairs in the primary bedroom gives her peace of mind as a parent. Other homeowners like the fact that the primary bedroom complements the main floor’s layout and fills otherwise dead space in the home.

Renovating and Retrofitting

Even if your home does not have a primary bedroom on the main floor, you may still be able to add it. You may find it most helpful to hire experienced home remodeling contractors for this project. Further, you may need to take out a line of home equity credit or save money for this project. You ideally should get several estimates from remodelers to keep this project in line with your available budget.

A main floor primary bedroom is both accessible and convenient for many homeowners. You may also add one to your existing home structure with careful budgeting and hiring experienced home remodeling contractors for the job.

You can find homes for sale now in Forsyth County that already have primary bedrooms on the main floor in them. Explore these homes at length when you prefer to live in a home with a main floor primary bedroom.